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Hi there! Im June Stewart, welcome to my Best Dishwasher website and Dishwasher Sale blog. I decided to write this blog because I think dishwasher is the best thing invented to help me cut out my least favorite chore at home. Hand-washing dishes is such a hateful chore, that I would exclaim to anyone who is doing it, Why dont you just get a dishwasher?

Fortunately, we have been using dishwashers at home since I was a kid, and I rarely have to hand-wash anything. Except those times when I moved to a new place (quite a few times) and there were no dishwashers, and I had to do it myself until I bought one.
Best Dishwasher

How to Choose the Best Dishwasher

If youve used a dishwasher before, you would know roughly what you want: a better dishwasher than your old one, of course. But if youre buying it for the first time, and youve never even helped your mum load a dishwasher before, then you have nothing to compare and have to start from scratch. Dont worry, this is how you do it:

1. Check the fundamentals
First of all you will have to decide which type of dishwasher you want. There are a few types such as countertop, portable, and fully integrated to suit different kinds of kitchens, because they are different in size, capacity and design. Read my post on Types of Dishwashers to find out more on each type.

Other than size and capacity, other things you want to bear in mind is the material of the dishwasher tub, and how much noise it makes when its running a cycle. Click here to read more about How to Choose the Best Dishwasher.

2. What other features would you like?
After knowing the important points to consider, now you can look at the details. There are many features available with dishwashers nowadays, like hard food disposer, sophisticated programs and soil sensors. Ive made a short list of dishwasher features with descriptions here.

3. Adjust your needs to your budget

There sure are plenty of features for dishwashers, but you can usually see that the difference lies in the price. The price range doesn’t go gradually from $250 to $2000, but instead it goes like this:

    • $250 $400 – Low end or basic standard size dishwashers, or compact dishwashers.
    • $600 $900 – Mid end dishwashers.
    $1200 and above – High end dishwashers.

Look at the range within your budget, then find out whether the features meet with your expectations.

Best Dishwasher For Sale

Here are the best dishwashers that I would recommend to my friends, suitable for different kitchens and budgets.

  • Best Budget Dishwasher The best basic full size dishwasher for those with a tight budget.
  • Best Value Dishwasher Full size built-in dishwasher at a mid-end range.
  • Best Portable Dishwasher Slimline 18 dishwasher on wheels. Best for small to medium kitchens.
  • Best Quiet Dishwasher Need whisper quiet operation? This is the one.
  • Best Drawer Dishwasher Double drawers for ultimate efficiency in terms of cost, power and versatility.
  • Best Countertop Dishwasher Small dishwasher that sits on the countertop next to your sink.

Check out my blog often for more best dishwasher Sale and recommendations to come.

Best Dishwasher Brands

KitchenAid Dishwashers
Bosch Dishwashers
Whirlpool Dishwashers
Danby Dishwashers
Edgestar Dishwashers

Best Dishwasher List

  1. Bosch SHX98M09UC Integra 800 Series 24-inch Undercounter Dishwasher So quiet youd wonder if its working.
  2. Whirlpool GU2475XTVY 24-inch Fully Integrated Dishwasher Best built in dishwasher at a great price.
  3. Danby Portable Dishwasher Suitable for small kitchens and rented apartments.
  4. KitchenAid Architect Series II KUDH03DTSS Fully Integrated Double Drawer Dishwasher Save cost and power.
  5. Whirlpool DU850SWPQ Dishwasher For small budgets.
  6. EdgeStar Portable Countertop Dishwasher Best counter top dishwasher.

Well, I hope my recommendations will help you find the best dishwasher for your home and relieve you of hand-washing the dishes! Remember to check back at my blog for updates and more dishwasher For Sale